Rembrandt Institute of Cardiovascular Science

Rembrandt Grant 2021 

In 2021 the Rembrandt Institute for Cardiovascular Science (RICS) will introduce a new concept of the Rembrandt Grant. This year, two grants are available for cardiovascular projects. Each grant covers 1 position for a PhD student who will be working at both LUMC and Amsterdam UMC in order to stimulate collaboration between cardiovascular researchers from Leiden and Amsterdam. 

  1. Who can apply? – In this 2021 round, investigators early in their career (‘VIDI’ level) are specifically encouraged to apply. 

  2. What should be the scientific focus of the applications? – This round is open to fundamental and translational cardiovascular research proposals in all fields. Please note that the application should clearly show that the proposed research represents a completely new line of collaborative investigation that can only be realized by working together within RICS.

  3. What is the format of the application? – An application form is attached to this message and an electronic version of this form is also available upon request by sending a message to Each grant proposal should consist of one interconnected PhD program that is jointly supervised by at least two PIs (at least one from LUMC and one from Amsterdam UMC). The proposal should clearly state which experiments will be performed at Leiden or Amsterdam. 
  • What does the grant cover? – Each grant covers the salary of one requested PhD student over a period of 4 years and a yearly bench fee of € 7,500 per PhD student. Additional costs will need to be covered by the hosting departments. The PhD student will be working at both LUMC and Amsterdam UMC.

  • What is the deadline for submission? – Project proposals can be submitted by email to The deadline of submission is Monday, October 4th 2021 at 23.00 hours.

  • How will the proposal be reviewed? – First, a preselection will take place based on the condition that the PhD project will be carried out both in Leiden and Amsterdam. Projects that will meet this criteria will be sent to the scientific advisory board of RICS for review. Based on their recommendations the directors of RICS will make a priority listing of the projects, which will be submitted to the board of RICS. The board will decide to whom to award the grant.

  • When will the grants be awarded? – The final decision will be made in November 2021, and the recipients will be announced at the Rembrandt symposium which will be held on November 19th 2021.