Rembrandt Institute of Cardiovascular Science

The 10th edition of the Rembrandt Symposium took place on the 22nd of November. Over 200 researchers working in the field of cardiovascular disease in Leiden and Amsterdam gathered in the Leeuwenhorst Conference venue in Noordwijkerhout to hear current (pre)clinical cardiovascular research ideas. We look back at a successful edition with interesting key note lectures by prof. Marieke Wermer (LUMC) and prof. Jaap van Buul (Sanquin), presentations by young researchers, well visited poster sessions and many award winners.

This symposium also aims to initiate novel collaborations. An important way to stimulate the collaboration between cardiovascular researchers from Leiden and Amsterdam is by the Rembrandt Research Grant, a grant covering 2 PhD positions; one in Leiden and one in Amsterdam. This year, the Rembrandt Grant was awarded to Stephan Huveneers (Amsterdam UMC) and Margreet de Vries (LUMC) for their project on ‘The endothelium as selective gatekeeper for T-cell infiltration to prevent vein graft disease’.

To celebrate the 10th edition, an app was specifically developed for this Rembrandt Symposium and the first edition of the HeArt in Science art contest was introduced! Many spectacular images were send in and all attendees were able to vote for their favorite piece of art. The three most beautiful images were rewarded with a display in the new HeArt in Science Gallery all year round. Also next year there will be a HeArt in Science contest so save your most elegant images!

We hope to see you all next year on 20 November 2020!

All Rembrandt Symposium 2019 award winners. Rembrandt Research grant: Stephan Huveneers (Amsterdam UMC) & Margreet de Vries (LUMC); Oral award: Renate Hoogeveen (1st prize, Amsterdam UMC), Niels Harlaar (2ndprize, LUMC); Poster award: Koen Prange (1st prize, Amsterdam UMC), Julia Tilburg (2nd prize, LUMC), Bram van Steen (3rd prize, Sanquin), Gesa Tiemeier (4th prize, LUMC); HeArt in Science award: Maria Clemente (1st prize, Amsterdam UMC) & Alwin de Jong (1st prize, LUMC), Liza Botros (3rd prize, Amsterdam UMC).